Responsible Management of Wastewater

Safe, clean water is a basic human right enshrined in our constitution. Taking care of our water resources is a shared responsibility.

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Working Towards Solutions

To date South Africa is not on track to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals for water and sanitation. A massive investment of time, talent and funding is required to turn around the failure in sanitation evident countrywide. 

The lack of political will, coupled with institutional inertia, ageing and inadequate infrastructure, lack of capacity, poor management decisions, missing skills, delays in procurement, careless and negligent usage, corruption, construction mafia, lack of innovation, design flaws, lack of power, breakdowns, droughts, floods, and other complex and wicked problems bedevil the provision of adequate sanitation.  The speed and scale of the response required to prevent and mitigate the disastrous effects of these failures demand a concerted effort from all parties. This includes improving governmental capacity, accelerating implementation, as well as updating regulatory frameworks, and ensuring effective monitoring and accountability protocols, with the involvement of communities and role players at all levels. Rethink the Stink are working at these different levels towards responsible management of our water resources.

The destruction of Earth's environments is the human rights challenge of our time.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu